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What We Do | the forest & the trees l social impact marketing and connectications l connect - converse - partner - grow!

What We Do


Ask questions. Listen to understand.

We can help you fix where it hurts. But first, we really like to try to find out why it hurts.

Everything is connected, and with some examination, we might discover together that addressing the pain requires a much different approach and resources than originally thought.

It also is very important that we understand where you want to go. We want to work with you to craft solutions that align with your strategic goals and enhance your plans for growth and sustainability.

So, that is why we start by asking questions. Listening to understand. Asking more questions. And listening some more. We do this so that we can really help you to:



Are you connected where you need to be today? Do you understand who are all of your stakeholders? Do you know your customers’ different interests and preferences?  And how strong and meaningful are those connections?

What about your touchpoints? Are there enough? Are they the right ones? Are they working for or against you, and why?

We can help you take a 360-degree assessment to determine how connected you are to community you need for real impact, growth and sustainability. We also can help you craft the framework and map out the best steps to build the pathways from connections to partnerships.



Is it all about you or your customers? Are you talking at your customers or with them?  Are you encouraging or discouraging conversations? Did you understand why a good listener makes a good conversationalist and a stronger bottom line? Do you know the difference between selling and providing meaningful solutions?

You can no longer sit on the sidelines and shout at your customers: “Buy us because we’re who we are!” You have to earn the attention and permission to start a dialogue. And to keep it going, you have to build trust by earnestly participating in an open, transparent manner.

Continuous feedback and positive word of mouth are priceless, and both are so critical to customer acquisition, retention and growth today. the forest & the trees can work with you to get the conversations started and keep them going in a manner that provides true value to all.

We will help you craft and implement an integrated, sustainable strategy that uses a tailored set of online and offline tools to start, nurture and grow conversations that are key to building customer partnerships.



They’re called Promoters. And if because of meaningful connections and insightful conversations you know your customers so well that you consistently delight them, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a lot of them. And that’s a very good thing!

Because Promoters take it upon themselves to sing your praises to family and friends. They’re also willing to give you input about how to improve your offerings or garner additional support. They even will volunteer good ideas to help you create new products or services that will set you apart from the competition.

In effect, Promoters become partners in your success. Think collective collaboration.

In a world gone flat, 360-degree partnerships truly are critical assets. We will help you develop, grow and keep them.



Remember that everything is connected. And that today more than ever, growth and sustainability will depend on the overall strength of your 360-degree connections. Success increasingly will depend on how much social currency and trust you garner, and especially how many partnerships you have earned and sustain. One person at a time.

The mission of the forest & the trees is to help you:

Connect + Converse + Partner = Grow!